The Power of Small Schools

IMG_2381When you arrive at BISS, the sense of community is palpable.

Near the front gate, 5-year-old girls play an invented game of tag, trust and fantasy with 11-year-old boys.

Across the school, buddy language sessions allow children to work with older students who share the same mother tongue. In their dominant language, students delve into literature, work on projects and share discoveries.

Read on for more examples of cross-age learning!
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Student-teacher Relationships

Look at the connection between Mrs Baker and this young learner! At BISS, students form close, trusting bonds with their teachers, from PreK through to Grade 12.

When these strong connections are established, students feel safe to express their personalities, develop language, ask questions, take risks, make mistakes… and ultimately, achieve at their full potential.

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Parenting Like Dolphins!

IMG_8873Parenting is not a competitive sport. It’s not a solo pursuit. And it’s not a sprint.

Parenting is the ongoing process of raising children who are happy, motivated and successful in life. And it’s not easy. It inevitably causes stress, exhaustion, fear, guilt, love, pride and joy. Parenting requires a team of supporters.

At BISS, we are here to be your partners. We’re always ready to offer information, advice or companionship to each family.

Read more about our recent Parenting Workshop.

(Workshop notes in English & Chinese are downloadable).

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Welcome to BISS!

Welcome!  Your family is now part of an eIMG_9009xceptional learning community. At BISS, you will find a place to grow, a place to connect and a place to belong.

Here, each child is known by name and celebrated for the unique talents they bring to our school.

We aim to instill in every student a sense of confidence, a yearning for knowledge and a love of learning that extends far beyond their elementary years.

Read on to learn more about our educational philosophy and priorities at BISS.

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