Let it snow!

What a surprise!  Early November snow brought sensory delight to our students (and staff) this week!  It was wonderful to watch from my window all morning, as teachers invited children to use their senses to observe the seasonal change, inciting awe and wonder at our natural world.  It was especially apt for our Pre-K class, as they trudged through a real snow storm, straight from the pages of their favourite book, Going on a Bear Hunt.  Seasons and weather cycles offer authentic opportunities to observe, question, research and learn, for students of all ages.


Living the Learner Profile

The IB World Magazine asked us a great question last week!

 How do students exercise the IB Learner Profile in their daily lives?

635805098819177846The Learner Profile is a set of 10 attributes, which underpin all three programmes (PYP, MYP, DP). In IB schools, students strive for these as they develop into “internationally minded people who, recognising their common humanity and shared guardian of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world” (IB mission statement).


BISS students had no problem answering the editor’s question! Without hesitation, they launched into rich dialogue about how they “live” the Learner Profile every day.

 Read on for their interview responses!

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The Power of Fun in Learning

IMG_4752“Fun is the genetic payoff of learning.” – William Glasser

At BISS, we take fun seriously. If you walk into any classroom, the joy will be palpable. You will see it the faces of students and the body language of teachers.

But let me be clear, fun is not synonymous with free time, unruliness or lowered academic standards.

To the contrary, fun at BISS means that joy is injected into daily learning experiences in planned, purposeful, challenging ways.

Why? Because fun increases brain activity and drives academic success.

Read on to find out more.
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The Curiosity Curriculum

DSC04037Children are innately curious! From birth, they watch, listen, taste and touch the world around them. As oral language develops, toddlers ask up to 300 questions per day.

At BISS, we capitalise on curiosity by keeping questions at the centre of our curriculum. Children stay motivated as their own wonderings drive personally relevant learning at school.


In each Unit of Inquiry, students’ questions direct the teacher’s preparation of resources, content and experiences. The teacher guides skill development and broader conceptual understanding; however, children retain great control over the direction, depth and diversity of content they explore.

Read more about the curiosity explosion in Grade 3 this week!

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Math teachers come in all sizes!

mathLast week, Ms Lara Ronalds and 40 parents discussed ways to recognise, talk about & investigate Mathematics in daily life, through counting, cooking, shopping, travelling and budgeting.

Suddenly…a team of mini-teachers arrived!  BISS students from Kinder to Gr 5 took charge of the workshop. They taught games to play at home, using counters, dice, cards and strategic, mathematical thinking.

Thank you, Ms Lara!  Thank you, student teachers!

It was a great morning of learning for us all!

Running for BISS

20151010_143015When Saturday morning delivered blue skies and bracings winds, the Elementary School Cross Country Team was ready to run!

Our young athletes ran approximately 2km each, on a convoluted route around the BIBA school campus.

Amidst crowds of competitors, our students demonstrated BISS spirit at its best.


Read more about the thrills & spills of the event!

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Happy Teachers’ Day!

… to the team of talented BISS teachers!

IMG_7676Every teacher is dedicated to wellbeing and academic success . BISS teachers view every child as a capable, unique person and build relationships of trust & empowerment. They spend their days questioning, supporting and extending students’ thinking. They spend nights/weekends planning, reflecting and growing as professionals.

Today, BISS students delivered handmade, personalised cards. The children’s words expressed a great awareness of and appreciation for their teachers’ work. Thanks to Li Laoshi & Wu Laoshi for bringing this beautiful Chinese tradition to BISS!

A New Year of Learning!

IMG_9308What a wonderful week in the Elementary School!

We have been impressed by a great sense of calm, as students have quickly settled into routines and embraced learning with purpose and enthusiasm.

We are amazed by the growth, in both height and maturity, of our returning students across the school.

Read on for more news from our first week at school.

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