BISS Has Talent

BHT collageAnd the winner is… confidence!

An unprecedented number of performers (52 in total!) took to the stage this year. Children aged 2 – 12 made us laugh, cry and cheer, as they shared talents of singing, dancing, piano, and even magic! It was especially wonderful to listen to Tian Yi (Gr 3) and Haiku (Gr 5) play traditional Chinese instruments.


Unlike many talent contests, there was NO winner. This event is non-competitive by design, to encourage risk-taking, creativity and expression. While it is important for children to experience winning and losing, competition is better placed in activities which provide opportunities to reflect, repeat and improve. Our Chess, Robotics and Basketball ASAs allow children to strive week after week to improve their skills in competitive situations. Instead, BISS Has Talent is a celebration of students’ passions and performance skills. It is an opportunity for children to choose to participate and shine on their own terms. This autonomy was evident in Eric’s (Gr 3) blog reflection. Take a moment to read about this exciting event through the eyes of a student!

Congratulations, Chorus!


Congratulations to the Elementary School Chorus, who added energy and volume to this week’s production of High School Musical.

It was a wonderful experience for our younger students work with the talented Secondary School cast. The children learned how to take on the role of support ensemble by listening for cues, concentrating on timing and using dynamics to add emotion to the memorable moments in the show. They showed great respect to the older students and thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, humour and choreography. The ES students learned to be focused and committed, by attending additional rehearsals, managing costumes, listening to direction, waiting their turn and mastering some tricky lyrics.

Congratulations on your commitment and highly entertaining performance!

Singing in the Festive Season!

IMG_1662The ES Choir heralded the arrival of the festive season at the Legendale Hotel last Saturday.

After weeks of rehearsals, a dedicated ensemble of 30 choristers performed a variety of songs, including age-old favourites and new items to showcase their vocal talents.Solos, harmonies and spirited voices filled the lobby, while a crowd gathered to enjoy the show.  When our trio of German students led  “Oh Tannenbaum”, an elegant 10-foot tall tree was illuminated with tiny lights. These are memories the children will cherish for a lifetime.


Sincere thanks to Miss Carolina, our expert choir director and music teacher. With her guidance, the singers have learned about song structure, breathing, vocal techniques and microphone use. We are very proud of our confident, expressive performers.



Tales from the Breakfast Table

IMG_0473Last Thursday, we enjoyed our annual Breakfast at BISS.

After 1 month of school, it was timely for parents to chat with principals about their impressions and experiences of a new academic year.

We heard tales of blossoming confidence, improved work habits and admiration for teachers, as well as questions about homework & upcoming events.

Read on for more pictures and messages!
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