Skeletons on Campus: Action in the PYP

IMG_4774 2This is the story of inquiry at its very best. One afternoon, while playing in the garden, a group of students uncovered an old bone fragment. Bypassing their elementary teachers (who were clearly unqualified!), the children burst into Mrs Burslem’s Biology Lab and announced, “We’ve made an important discovery!” Mrs Burslem immediately left her staff meeting and spent the afternoon inspecting, discussing and validating the students’ find.

The next day, the area was cordoned off with a child-made sign heralding an “Archaeological Site”, grid lines were marked, shovels found for efficient digging, brushes used for cleaning and scientific diagrams drawn to document each new discovery.

As the days went on, archaeology fever took hold of the school!  Students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 joined the dig, gathering at recess and lunchtime to continue their work.
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BISS Tweets for Humanity

is the new LITERACY.  

In 2016, it’s not enough for our children to be able to read and write.

Effective communication is the ability to create of a powerful message AND project it to a global audience.

FullSizeRender 21At BISS, we teach students to create text in many forms (written, verbal, images, films). They learn to write accurately for different purposes, using rhetorical and persuasive devices, and applying contrast, balance and multi-media techniques to enhance their message. They learn to make decisions about “temporary & private” vs. “public & permanent”, by considering the content, audience and intent of their message.

We also teach students to use networking tools such as blogs, Twitter, WeChat, Facebook, Vines, Instagram. (Or more often, the children teach us!) Actually, the tool is not important. The digital landscape is ever-changing. By next year, this list will be different. Remember MySpace?

However, by embracing social media in our classrooms, we have a very important goal. We support students to build learning networks.

Read on about the power of connectivity for 21st Century learners.
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Take a risk! Make a change!

happy new yearWelcome to 2016!

Have you made a new year’s resolution? We know that the best-laid plans often fail if we are overly ambitious. It’s common to try to change many things at once, causing frustration, failure and disappointment.

Teaching our children to make effective change in their own lives is an important, lifelong skill. As adults, we can help children take charge of their lives and control their own paths.

How? A great strategy is The Rule of 1.   (Read on to find out more.)
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Learning is Forever

IMG_0994I’ve been away from Beijing for a few days!  I missed you!

I’ve been engaged in some challenging, connected learning with other educators in Asia.

If you’re interested (or if you just want to check that I wasn’t on holiday!), you are welcome to take a peek at my Twitter feed. It tells a story of listening, thinking & processing ideas.

At BISS, we use professional learning to improve student learning. We use current research to inform our practice.

Read on to see what Ms O’Dwyer learned.

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Welcome to BISS!

Welcome!  Your family is now part of an eIMG_9009xceptional learning community. At BISS, you will find a place to grow, a place to connect and a place to belong.

Here, each child is known by name and celebrated for the unique talents they bring to our school.

We aim to instill in every student a sense of confidence, a yearning for knowledge and a love of learning that extends far beyond their elementary years.

Read on to learn more about our educational philosophy and priorities at BISS.

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