Move over, Ms O’Dwyer!

Kindergarten stepped into the principal’s role last week while Ms O’Dwyer was away.

As part of an inquiry into how schools function, Kindergarten took advantage of Ms O’Dwyer’s absence to take charge of BISS!  Dressed in a jacket and pearls, they took their job very seriously! They sat up at the desk, solved important problems and typed on the computer.  Watch some of the best principals in BISS history explain their duties!

Their comments show an understanding of the interconnectedness of roles within human systems, and an awareness of life beyond their own class experiences.

Thanks for taking the lead, Kinder! Our school was in safe hands, indeed!

On the road again…

DSC03803After months of planning, pre-visits, risk-assessments & purchasing… BISS students are on the road again! It’s the most exciting week of the year!

As I write this, there are 3 grades sleeping away from home, many classes off-campus at museums, art galleries & parks, and challenges such as hiking, farming & canoeing taking place.

Children are learning beyond the BISS campus, in the real world! They are taking risks, developing independence and forming deep friendships.


Read our BISS on the Road Philosophy to understand WHY we plan this transformative week.

Check out the homeroom blogs for photos & updates on each adventure!

Challenge + Courage = Confidence

IMG_4693-1lsr467-e1440866535250It’s Challenge Time at BISS and that means one thing – rock climbing!

Every day, young athletes scale the wall, using all their strength, flexibility and strategy to reach new heights.

Teachers and classmates cheer on the climbers, as they stretch, grasp and push to achieve personal bests.

Read on to find out why this challenging PE Inquiry is so important for our students.
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