The Power of Small Schools

IMG_2381When you arrive at BISS, the sense of community is palpable.

Near the front gate, 5-year-old girls play an invented game of tag, trust and fantasy with 11-year-old boys.

Across the school, buddy language sessions allow children to work with older students who share the same mother tongue. In their dominant language, students delve into literature, work on projects and share discoveries.

Read on for more examples of cross-age learning!
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Math teachers come in all sizes!

mathLast week, Ms Lara Ronalds and 40 parents discussed ways to recognise, talk about & investigate Mathematics in daily life, through counting, cooking, shopping, travelling and budgeting.

Suddenly…a team of mini-teachers arrived!  BISS students from Kinder to Gr 5 took charge of the workshop. They taught games to play at home, using counters, dice, cards and strategic, mathematical thinking.

Thank you, Ms Lara!  Thank you, student teachers!

It was a great morning of learning for us all!