Keeping it Real: Authentic Math

FullSizeRender 59Authenticity is at the core of our practice at BISS, as we regularly design “real” learning experiences, instead of relying on hypothetical tasks or textbooks. In this way, our curriculum becomes relevant, complex and exciting.

Authenticity is often achieved by venturing off-campus to a professional industry (such as a medical lab – Gr 5, or an organic farm – Gr 3). We also utilise BISS experts (such as Mrs Burslem for experiments, or Mr Mac for robotics), and guest speakers (such as authors, doctors & professors, to connect their expertise to our inquiries). In Mathematics, children solve genuine problems (such as measuring the track – Kinder), rather than filling in worksheets.

Read on for the story of a wonderful “keep it real” math lesson!

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The Power of Fun in Learning

IMG_4752“Fun is the genetic payoff of learning.” – William Glasser

At BISS, we take fun seriously. If you walk into any classroom, the joy will be palpable. You will see it the faces of students and the body language of teachers.

But let me be clear, fun is not synonymous with free time, unruliness or lowered academic standards.

To the contrary, fun at BISS means that joy is injected into daily learning experiences in planned, purposeful, challenging ways.

Why? Because fun increases brain activity and drives academic success.

Read on to find out more.
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Running for BISS

20151010_143015When Saturday morning delivered blue skies and bracings winds, the Elementary School Cross Country Team was ready to run!

Our young athletes ran approximately 2km each, on a convoluted route around the BIBA school campus.

Amidst crowds of competitors, our students demonstrated BISS spirit at its best.


Read more about the thrills & spills of the event!

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On the road again…

DSC03803After months of planning, pre-visits, risk-assessments & purchasing… BISS students are on the road again! It’s the most exciting week of the year!

As I write this, there are 3 grades sleeping away from home, many classes off-campus at museums, art galleries & parks, and challenges such as hiking, farming & canoeing taking place.

Children are learning beyond the BISS campus, in the real world! They are taking risks, developing independence and forming deep friendships.


Read our BISS on the Road Philosophy to understand WHY we plan this transformative week.

Check out the homeroom blogs for photos & updates on each adventure!

Challenge + Courage = Confidence

IMG_4693-1lsr467-e1440866535250It’s Challenge Time at BISS and that means one thing – rock climbing!

Every day, young athletes scale the wall, using all their strength, flexibility and strategy to reach new heights.

Teachers and classmates cheer on the climbers, as they stretch, grasp and push to achieve personal bests.

Read on to find out why this challenging PE Inquiry is so important for our students.
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