Student-Led Conferences


Peek into Grade 1A! Photo credit: Annie Madigan

This week, we marvelled at reflection, responsibility and independence, as teachers sat back, parents leaned in, and children took charge of assessment in the PYP!

With parents in tow, students from Pre-K to Grade 5 conducted conferences about their growth as learners. They shared  portfolios, as well as authentic inquiry experiences from daily life at school. Math investigations, writing activities, coding, blogging and even drumming ensued. BISS was buzzing with proud children sharing what it means to be an ever-improving learner.

Thank you, parents, for listening, asking questions, and affirming your child’s reflections. We hope you gained insight into their developing knowledge, understandings, skills and attitudes.Thank you, BISS teachers, for facilitating such a successful day of reflection.

While you were gone…

BISS teachers spent the whole day learning!


Dylan Wiliam is a leading researcher and author in education. His current world tour started today, right here at BISS! 125 teachers gathered to listen, learn, discuss and reflect on how to become better teachers for our students.

Dylan Wiliam explored the challenges of educating students for an unknown future. He focused particularly on the power of formative assessment to improve teaching (and student achievement), through engagement and responsiveness.

Read on to see Ms O’Dwyer’s highlights from a BIG day of thinking.
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