Happy New Year!

Happy New Year新年快乐!

We wish our whole community a happy, healthy, prosperous Year of the Monkey!

We’ve had a wonderful week of celebration, with early morning drumming, an exciting Temple Fair, and assemblies filled with dancing and drama.

We look forward to welcoming all students back to school on 15th February.

Celebration of Dance

The Decades of Dance Assembly took BISS on a trip through history last week!

Each elementary class used iconic music and movements to represent one decade from the 1960s to the present day. Michael Jackson, Elvis and Beyonce all made appearances, much to the audience’s delight!

During this PE inquiry, students learned about key elements of dance styles, as well as skills of planning, sequencing and timing. Balance, rhythm, confidence and collaboration were evident in each performance.

Thanks Mr T., Mr Leo and all the BISS dancers for a highly entertaining morning of movement! (Stay tuned to the PE Blog for videos and reflections.)

Decades of Dance

A New Year of Learning!

IMG_9308What a wonderful week in the Elementary School!

We have been impressed by a great sense of calm, as students have quickly settled into routines and embraced learning with purpose and enthusiasm.

We are amazed by the growth, in both height and maturity, of our returning students across the school.

Read on for more news from our first week at school.

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