Reflect, Review, Farewell

20160120-_H4A8436What a fantastic year! It certainly flew by in a flurry of passionate inquiry and connected learning. Driven by a desire to question, explore and discover, our children achieved academic success and exciting personal progress.

The combination of Individualised attention, innovative teaching and rigorous challenge is a hallmark at BISS. Our programme empowers students to be confident, critical thinkers with their own goals, opinions, and creative expression. As this year’s inquiries unfolded, students gained deeper insight into themselves, their community and the wider world.

Read on for a summary of the exciting “firsts” from 2015/16!

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Let it snow!

What a surprise!  Early November snow brought sensory delight to our students (and staff) this week!  It was wonderful to watch from my window all morning, as teachers invited children to use their senses to observe the seasonal change, inciting awe and wonder at our natural world.  It was especially apt for our Pre-K class, as they trudged through a real snow storm, straight from the pages of their favourite book, Going on a Bear Hunt.  Seasons and weather cycles offer authentic opportunities to observe, question, research and learn, for students of all ages.


Admissions & Academics create thriving schools!


Today we farewell an Admissions Officer like no other, who knows every child, is trusted by parents, attends all functions, and prioritises student learning. 

For years, Paulyn has poured her heart & time into BISS, to make us a strong, warm, personalised community.

When Admissions & Academics work hand in hand, schools thrive, communication is strong and all families receive personalised attention. Thank you, Paulyn, for your service and impact on the BISS learning community.


Happy Teachers’ Day!

… to the team of talented BISS teachers!

IMG_7676Every teacher is dedicated to wellbeing and academic success . BISS teachers view every child as a capable, unique person and build relationships of trust & empowerment. They spend their days questioning, supporting and extending students’ thinking. They spend nights/weekends planning, reflecting and growing as professionals.

Today, BISS students delivered handmade, personalised cards. The children’s words expressed a great awareness of and appreciation for their teachers’ work. Thanks to Li Laoshi & Wu Laoshi for bringing this beautiful Chinese tradition to BISS!