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                                                                     Jacqueline Harvey’s Virtual Visit


Random House Australia

Four months ago, best-selling author Jacqueline Harvey travelled to Beijing to conduct research for her next book, Alice-Miranda in China. She made a special visit to BISS, where the children shared their experiences of life in China, and suggested plotlines for her next story.

This week, Jacqueline Harvey checked in via Skype to share her progress. She showed her half-finished manuscript (already over 100 pages!), explained her gruelling schedule (7am – 6pm on writing days), and read funny excerpts aloud. We were among the first people in the world to access this sneak preview!

Read on for more details of her virtual visit. (Original image from Random House Australia).




The children asked great questions about the developing plotline, (“Why does the villain do bad things?” “How does Alice-Miranda solve the robbery?” “Will the characters try to speak Chinese?” “Did you use our ideas?”). Jacqueline Harvey explained that she had indeed been inspired from BISS to create the imaginary school in her new story.

When Matthew (Grade 1) asked whether The Great Wall of China would be featured, Jacqueline Harvey said, “I’m not sure yet. The story’s not finished!” Matthew and Nina (Grade 2) wasted no time in offering funny suggestions for Great Wall adventures.

It has been a rich experience for BISS students to communicate with a working author during the creation of a book. From the first research trip to her editor’s looming deadlines, Jacqueline Harvey has shared her authentic life as an author. The children have gained deep insight into how writers draw inspiration from life, persevere with their work and edit tirelessly for improvement.


We are very grateful to Jacqueline Harvey for devoting her time to BISS, and continuing a generous 5-year relationship with our school.

We can’t wait for the release of Alice-Miranda in China! We will also watch out for Clementine-Rose, and a new series of spy stories!

Thank you, Jacqueline Harvey!



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