Reflect, Review, Farewell

20160120-_H4A8436What a fantastic year! It certainly flew by in a flurry of passionate inquiry and connected learning. Driven by a desire to question, explore and discover, our children achieved academic success and exciting personal progress.

The combination of Individualised attention, innovative teaching and rigorous challenge is a hallmark at BISS. Our programme empowers students to be confident, critical thinkers with their own goals, opinions, and creative expression. As this year’s inquiries unfolded, students gained deeper insight into themselves, their community and the wider world.

Read on for a summary of the exciting “firsts” from 2015/16!


  • The Early Learning Centre expanded as we welcomed our youngest BISS members, from just 2 years of age. The Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum fostered holistic development through rich play and multi-sensory experiences.
  • The PYP Exhibition broadened its focus to give greater student ownership over research topics. Under the theme Sharing the Planet, students chose to make an impact on animal welfare, conflict resolution, racial discrimination and climate change.
  • Coding is a new literacy! Armed with research about computational thinking, our teachers embedded coding across the curriculum, to strengthen logic, abstraction, problem-solving and intellectual flexibility.
  • The Maker Space became a hub of experiential learning, where choice, collaboration and creativity flourished. Students explored materials and applied design principles to make prototypes, functional objects and spectacular failures (which inspired even more learning).


I am indebted to the team of talented teachers, who engaged minds, challenged misunderstandings and celebrated success. Thank you, Elementary Teachers, for your expertise and unwavering devotion to every child, every day.

I also thank every parent who entrusted us with their child’s happiness and foundational education. Thank you for being present at school, home and via digital platforms. Your support validated the learning and bound us together as a community.

It is my time to farewell BISS.

After 5 wonderful years, I leave with a heart full of gratitude. I carry memories of children who opened my eyes, teachers who inspired my practice and leaders who prioritised learning, innovation and community above all else.

Thank you, BISS, from a lifetime fan.

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