Parenting Like Dolphins!

IMG_8873Parenting is not a competitive sport. It’s not a solo pursuit. And it’s not a sprint.

Parenting is the ongoing process of raising children who are happy, motivated and successful in life. And it’s not easy. It inevitably causes stress, exhaustion, fear, guilt, love, pride and joy. Parenting requires a team of supporters.

At BISS, we are here to be your partners. We’re always ready to offer information, advice or companionship to each family.

Read more about our recent Parenting Workshop.

(Workshop notes in English & Chinese are downloadable).


Maureen is always available.

Last week, Ms Maureen VanderKlippe (school counsellor), gave a fascinating workshop on finding balance as a 21st Century parent.

She discussed the drawbacks of playing the role of tiger (authoritarian, with too much adult intervention) or jellyfish (permissive, without limits) in a child’s life.




Maureen shares her own parenting tales.

With clear facts, practical steps and heartwarming tales from her own family, Maureen explained that parenting like a dolphin (authoritative, with limits and loving bonds) is the ideal middle ground. This style helps children to manage impulses, solve problems and build confidence.




She taught parents effective language for asking questions (so children will talk), offering advice (so children will listen) and communicating empathy (so children trust their parents). Maureen also offered a four-step approach to helping children solve their own problems.



BISS Parents reflect on their goals for their children.


BISS parents discuss play and scheduling.


Maureen especially emphasised the value of play, for brain development, social skills, organisation and problem solving.

Most of all, Maureen reminded BISS parents that she is available to meet with children, parents or families.

Maureen is qualified to counsel our community through the little and big issues that life throws our way. (


IMG_1559Thank you, BISS parents, for raising the children we love to teach!

Thank you, Ms VanderKlippe, for being our advisor and supporter.

 Workshop Notes (English & Chinese)

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