Mess is best: Science in the ELC


What do you see in these photos? Paint? Play? Mess?

BISS teachers see so much more!

This week, Pre-K made a glorious mess in their newly set-up Art Studio!

Read on to find out about ALL the learning that occurred!


Math & Science:

  • Predictions & theories – “I think pink & yellow make brown.”
  • 2D & 3D space – “Which toys leave circles, squares and triangular marks?” Exploring cross-sections.
  • Geometry – “The lines are different!” Exploring straight, curved and parallel properties.
  • Physics – “Which toys roll easily? Why? How can we control the speed and direction of a marble?” Exploring force, movement and inertia.
  • Patterning – “I can repeat colors, shapes and lines.”

And more!

  • Exploring texture – “How does paint feel?”
  • Fine Motor Control – “We use our fingers and small objects to make marks.”
  • Collaboration – “Let’s work together to make the marble move.”
  • Critical Thinking – “Why does the truck roll?” “Why is my brown color lighter than yours?”
  • Appreciation – “What do you see in this Artwork?” “What do you like about it?”

At BISS, we embrace mess as integral to inquiry. Through multi-sensory play, children are free to explore and think in creative ways. Teachers observe, provoke and record the thinking as it occurs.

Scientific discoveries and conceptual understandings emerge as children question, test theories and reflect on the results.

Thanks to Mrs Baker and Ms Willoughby for designing rich experiences and documenting the learning of our young artists and scientists.


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