Keeping it Real: Authentic Math

FullSizeRender 59Authenticity is at the core of our practice at BISS, as we regularly design “real” learning experiences, instead of relying on hypothetical tasks or textbooks. In this way, our curriculum becomes relevant, complex and exciting.

Authenticity is often achieved by venturing off-campus to a professional industry (such as a medical lab – Gr 5, or an organic farm – Gr 3). We also utilise BISS experts (such as Mrs Burslem for experiments, or Mr Mac for robotics), and guest speakers (such as authors, doctors & professors, to connect their expertise to our inquiries). In Mathematics, children solve genuine problems (such as measuring the track – Kinder), rather than filling in worksheets.

Read on for the story of a wonderful “keep it real” math lesson!



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While learning to tell time, the Grade 2 class left behind the plastic models, markers and whiteboards, to visit Mr Jeff in the Design Lab. He asked if anyone would like to build a real, working, battery-powered, analog clock. The answer was a resounding, “Yes!”

As these 7-year olds worked with wood, drills and motors, the children met the challenges of designing a face, positioning 12 numbers at accurate intervals, and understanding how 3 hands rotate at different rates to mark time. Deep thinking and deep understanding!



Is there a more motivating way to practice telling time? Every child will now see their own personalized clock hanging on their bedroom wall.

Thanks to the creative Ms Caspar & very generous Mr Jeff, for facilitating this authentic learning experience. What’s the time now, Grade 2?

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