Flashlight Reading – just for fun?

IMG_3337 2Last week, 150 children, aged 2 – 12, cuddled up for BISS’ Biggest Read-In. With pillows plumped, lights out and flashlights focused – the reading began!

Sounds like fun, right?!  It certainly was!

But was there a point? An educational purpose? Did they learn anything?  Yes!

This event sent several memorable messages about literacy. Read on to understand our purpose.

In a whole-school read-in, we communicate that:

  • reading is more than a skill, it is an experience
  • you are in charge of book choice; develop your own preferences & passions
  • reading is more than decoding words; it is about making meaning for yourself
  • reading need not always focus on accessing information; joy is an end in itself
  • reading is a universal experience; older kids & teachers read for pleasure, too!
  • reading is a sustained activity; it takes focus and stamina to be transported by text
  • lights, pillows & body position change the experience; reading is not desk-bound
  • reading is valued in our school; schedules were abandoned for sustained reading



At BISS, we teach the knowledge and skills necessary for successful reading (phonics, word-attack, fluency, comprehension) but never in isolation.

Each child’s personal desire to explore text is the foundation upon which academic literacy skills are built.

Special thanks to the PTA and Mr Mac for supporting & enhancing our reading experience!



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