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IMG_3869It was wonderful to welcome our former E-Learning Coordinator, Julie Lindsay, to visit BISS. She is now the author of 2 books on connected teaching, founder of Flat Connections and a university lecturer in online education. The premise of Julie’s work is that open, connected, integrated learning creates social change.

Through online projects, students around the world learn in cross-age, cross-school, cross-cultural groups. They use digital tools to research and share understandings, grappling with topics such as climate change, community structure and digital citizenship. Students create media products, incorporating the perspectives and experiences of their far-flung peers.

BISS has participated in Flat Classroom and Digi-teen projects for many years. In the future, PYP & MYP classes will continue to collaborate with Julie Lindsay, so BISS students engage in rich online learning, communicate with authentic audiences, develop international mindedness and become discerning digital citizens. Mr K. has great plans for including global feedback in the Design/Tech curriculum.

Read on to learn how Gr 3 & 4 began the conversation!

This week, Grades 3 and 4 began by sharing their lives in Beijing. Our 8-10 year olds spoke with remarkable clarity about:

  • traditional food and culture
  • population density
  • air quality
  • causes and solutions to pollution
  • economic development in China
  • single-children and changing family structures


Their deep thinking will be shared with children around the globe.

Stay tuned for upcoming Skype sessions, blog posts, podcasts, video logs, WeChat communication…and more!

2016 is an exciting time to be a learner in China, and at BISS!


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