Blossoming Writers

FullSizeRenderJanuary is break-through month in the Elementary School!

We’ve been astounded by the quality of writing pouring out of our students this month.

Pre-K children have become fascinated by text. They are making meaningful marks, writing words and covering their drawings with labels. Grade 1 students are producing full paragraphs and original, interesting stories. Tae Yeon (Grade 1T) is up to his third installment of a hilarious super-hero series! Grade 2 students are writing well-structured, vivid narratives. Grades 3 & 5 have become independent, prolific bloggers, using this platform to record and reflect on their experiences.

With a strong language programme and expert teachers, some children are becoming authors for the first time, while others are working hard to enhance the quality or clarify of their expression. Parents, please join us in feeling proud! At next week’s Parent/Teacher conferences, be sure to take a peek at your child’s journal or portfolio. Join our online writing community, by adding your comments to student blogs (in any language). At home, encourage your child to keep writing! Shopping lists, WeChat messages, birthday cards and family blogs are great authentic writing activities.

It is a joy to see our students blossoming into skillful, independent writers – and we’re only halfway through the year!

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